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Office of Student Financial Assistance


The University of Miami Miller School of Medicine provides not only financial aid in the form of scholarships and loans for medical students who need financial assistance to pay for medical school, but a wide range of educational debt management services to help students not only borrow responsibly but repay responsibly as well after they graduate and move into their residency programs. The Miller School of Medicine is committed to ensuring that all students who borrow at the Miller School of Medicine have access to the finest educational debt management support available, and that they are well versed in proven repayment strategies to help them effectively manage their student loan obligations after they leave the Miller School of Medicine.


We believe that the high cost of obtaining a medical education should never interfere with one’s dream of becoming a physician. We know that a well-informed and educated borrower can make the intelligent choices needed to limit debt and avoid financial hardship.

It is the mission of the Office of Student Financial Assistance to ensure that all students receive the most advantageous source of funding available to complete their medical education and to provide the necessary resources to effectively manage their student loan obligation in the future.

We strive to be equitable and sensitive, to offer professional and courteous service, and to facilitate the process for timely delivery of aid. We also sponsor group sessions on debt management. Please feel free to stop in to our office any time with your questions!

Lori Giese
Director of Financial Assistance

Maggie Gomez
Manager for Financial Assistance


Repayment Modules

Module 1 Simple Steps to a Repayment Strategy
Module 2 Income Driven Repayment Plans
Module 3 Public Service Loan Forgiveness
Module 4 Postponing Payments
Module 5 Federal Consolidation
Module 6 Refinancing Student Loans

Simple Steps to Repayment.


AAMC Medloans Organizer and Calculator

The AAMC Medloans Organizer and Calculator (MLOC) is a terrific resource designed specifically for medical students, residents, and fellows. We highly recommend this FREE educational debt management tool to help you manage your loans at the Miller SOM and after graduation when you enter repayment, available at:


Download the MLOC Fact Sheet here.



In the School Release section of your FAFSA, you must indicate:
University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

Federal School Code E00533