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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the UMMSM offer scholarships?
Yes, we do! The UMMSM awards more than 2 million dollars each year in institutional scholarships . For more information about scholarships, go here.

Are medical students considered dependent or independent?
For the purpose of financial aid, all medical students are considered independent according to the Department of Education.

Is there any deadline to apply for loans?
There is no deadline to apply for loans.

What is the maximum amount of assistance a student can receive for the year?
Students can receive up to the cost of attendance for the academic year.

What is your tuition and general cost of attendance (budget)?
Estimated tuition, mandatory fees and cost of attendance is available here.

Do you have information about outside scholarships?
For more information about scholarships, go here.

Do loans have to be repaid right after graduation?
Most educational loans do not have to be repaid right after graduation. Information about specific loans is available here.

Is parental information required on the FAFSA?
It is not required for federal financial aid; however, it is recommended and/or required for certain types of institutional programs, including need-based grants.

Other than financial assistance, what methods of payment does the school accept?
The UMMSM accepts several forms of payment. For more information go here.

Does credit history affect eligibility for loans?
One’s credit history can affect eligibility for GradPlus loans. To request a free credit report visit