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Debt Management

The Office of Financial Assistance provides personal debt management counseling. The office also sponsors debt management seminars for all medical students every academic year. All seniors who have received educational loans are required to participate in an exit interview prior to graduation. There are also a number of excellent online resources that provide medical students with debt management advice.
To schedule a personal debt management counseling session, feel free to drop by our office or call us at 305-243-6211.


Financial Assistance Video Library

The following are presentations sponsored by the Office of Student Financial Assistance:

Repayment Modules

Module 1 Simple Steps to a Repayment Strategy
Module 2 Income Driven Repayment Plans
Module 3 Public Service Loan Forgiveness
Module 4 Postponing Payments
Module 5 Federal Consolidation



AAMC Resources:
The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) provides several financial resources for pre-medical and medical students, including

US Department of Education:
View helpful information under ‘Managing Repayment’.